And it was smashed to atoms—his fun

My writing will live here. has been… wait for it… smashed to atoms. The name and my Github name come from a Virginia Woolf quote that an ex-girlfriend of mine turned me onto. I still really like the phrase, and it still feels good to use. I didn’t read Mrs. Dalloway until much later, and after having read it, I enjoy the expression even more.

The old site, with its terrible writing, memes, and videos that haven’t aged well, will likely take up residence in the way-back machine or the hollow to which forgotten websites disappear. There was an awkward coming-of-age story about a beaver I tried to kill in a ditch when I was 15. If we meet in person and you want to hear a downer story that profoundly binds my mom and me, you can ask me about it. The original written story prompted a written response in the comments section from my mom that I cherish. I wrote about my dad a few times as well. I miss him. All of it is gone, though. My current interests will lead the way from here on.

Let’s be honest; it’s going to be about technology since that is who I am. It’s probably going to be a little about getting older because I’m also feeling that. I’ll probably mention my family and friends when it makes sense. Come for the opinions on serverless programming, programming languages, etc.; stay for the aside’s of a middle-aged white guy who is not enjoying parts of getting older.


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Jason Legler is a software developer living in Denver, CO with his wife, daughter, and lots of creatures. He enjoys building things on AWS. He likes learning programming languages, even though he rarely gets to use them. He misses Joe Armstrong. He builds amazing things for Stedi.